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Working in IT development and operations today requires skills for a fast-paced, cross-functioning environment. The growing engagement in methodologies like DevOps has uncovered a technical talent gap in the IT industry that is driving the need for IT professionals to be educated and trained in more advanced skills. Enterprises moving into environments that combine development, operations, and security are actively pursuing full-stack engineers. IT professionals who are equipped to work in multiple domains are sorely needed in adapting to these environments.

Since the methodologies that tighten up development and deployment cycles are becoming more widely used, IT professionals who are equipped to do the work are highly sought after and compensated. Not only are the technical skills required for the current IT environment, but soft skills are just as important. Hiring managers are looking for a variety of capabilities when interviewing.

You want to be in a position to participate in the growth of the field, but what skills do you need? That’s where DevOps Career comes in!

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What is DevOps Career?

DevOps Career is about providing education that is convenient, thorough, and practical. Our specialty is training on IT topics that are relevant to today’s fast-paced development and testing environment. We help you understand and gain workplace skills on methods such as DevOps, Continuous Deployment, and Configuration Management.

What we do

The subject matter of our training involves both technical skills and soft skills.
– Linux Operating System
– Configuration Management (Puppet and Ansible)
– Deployment Automation (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment)
– Continuous Monitoring
– Troubleshooting Common Issues
– How to Start a Career in DevOps

How We Do It

What differentiates our training from other online courses is the real-world, practical, “how to get the job done” aspects that are infused throughout the instruction. We prepare you for working in these settings without you having to be on the job to learn.